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As a beginner I found a lot of opposite meanings about the same card which was confusing. I understand your supposed to interpret your impression of the cards and tell your own story Like I wrote as a beginner I found it to be frustrating. Maybe as I improve I will understand why it's written this way. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. Anyone who is interested in the Tarot can't go wrong with purchasing this book. It's easy to use and has exercises if your interested in doing some. The strength of this book is how it is setup. I love that each card has it's own page, and there is room on that page to add your own notes.

The keywords are a great way to get yourself started. Many people feel the CC shouldn't be in a beginner book, however it's the spread that most people have heard of so they want to know how to do one.

Become A Tarot Reader in 1 Day ~How to Read the Tarot Cards Together!

This book gives you a great place to start. There are also a few really nice three card spreads. This is my 1st suggestions for someone interested in learning Tarot. Bunning's book is one of the best out there for new Tarot enthusiasts.

She gives clear information as well as steps on how to learn. Obviously she's been teaching this system for a number of years. I use ideas from this book for my own Tarot classes and workshops. This is a name you will find on every serious Tarot reader's bookshelf. It is safe to say that your collection isn't safe without Bunning's book. If I had to name the top three beginner Tarot books, I would put this one there without hesitation. Bunning has also written a reversals books that is good. If you want to learn Tarot from a book, learn from one of the best, Joan Bunning.

Wow Such a great read for beginners but seems just as informative for pros. I highly recommend this book if want to learn the ropes of reading tarot cards. Instead, he included practical hands-on exercises for learning and working with the tarot. It will deepen your relationship with the cards.

Also, it helps you develop skills for creating a system of meanings that are tailored to your unique instincts and intuition. The two exclamation points in the title are surely well earned.

Tarot For Beginners

Whereas the first mentioned books of this ultimate list provide a solid introduction in everything tarot, the focus in this book is more on the specific cards to enable one to be more aware and to see possibilities when normally it would be difficult. The book explains the purpose of tarot cards and the meaning behind each specific card. Each card that is explained has a picture of that card with a clear explanation of what is to be seen, so you can recognize them when you see them, regardless of your card deck. The book also explains in detail, how to do a tarot reading and which spreads to use.

Especially for people with a background in eastern faiths like the Dao and Buddhism, this book is extra fascinating.

Learning the Tarot - An On-line Course

Reading this beginners book, it becomes obvious the author has a true passion for tarot and even discusses the sacred nature of just picking the right tarot card deck for you. Definitely a must-have on your tarot bookshelf.

See a Problem?

This is book makes it very easy and simplified that anyone can learn with this method. This tarot book explains everything and as long as you follow the directions in the book exactly, you can learn the exact tarot reading process within a couple of days. As described in the Ultimate Tarot Beginners Guide the most given advice to beginners is to learn the tarot by pulling a daily card.

This book applies this advice also to learning new spreads by providing a tarot spread for every day of the year.

Every spread in the book connects to a historical or magical event that happened on that day and is accompanied by detailed information and sample questions to focus on. With Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day you will have a great journey to realize enlightenment every day of the year.

Basic Tarot for Beginners

This book contains a good beginners guide to the tarot but also contains nearly pages of tarot spreads. These spreads are organized by how many cards they require. Power Tarot, while not going as in-depth into the history of the cards as I would have preferred which is great for beginners , does a very clear and concise summary of the use and origin of the tool. There is also a good long explanation, not only of each card but how the cards can interact with each other. In addition, the authors also included empowerment meanings for each card. This is very helpful when you want to explain the usage of the cards in spells and incantations.

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No tarot book list is complete without the classic Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom Often cited as one of the landmark books in modern tarot, it will help you develop a relationship with your cards and your own spiritual side. This book draws on history, mythology, and philosophy, and delves deeply into the symbolism and meaning of each card.

The 15 Best Tarot Books: From Beginner to Advanced

In addition, it introduces common and practical spreads. As such, it is a clear and readable book. Deep and rich with information for both the beginning and advanced tarot student. Rachel is not only a member of the American Tarot Association , the International Tarot Society, and the Tarot Guild of Australia but also has taught at the famous Omega Institute for the past 15 years.

It is truly a level-up in reading tarot that teaches you how to become an advanced practitioner. This book emphasizes the influences of astrology and shares how-to instructions for working with reversals, number symbolism, intuition, the four elements, and the philosophical roots of tarot. A perfect follow up to take your readings to the next level and to deepen your advanced tarot knowledge.

Learning the Tarot : A Tarot Book for Beginners [Paperback]

I just love looking at this book cover. This book puts them all in one place and is a great place to turn for individual card meanings you need help interpreting. She also provides guidance on how you can use tarot for personal growth. For the writers among us, this book functions as both a creative tool for using tarot to get unstuck in your writing and a pretty decent guide to reading the cards. Listen Shop Insiders.

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