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Well, to be honest, transcriptions have been around for years. However recent years have seen a noticeable spike in the number of online sites hawking transcription services at bottom dollar rates with quick turnaround times. Payment rates are based purely on quality and timely delivery, which means the more audio files you can convert into accurate text — the more money you will make. Some Millennial Money readers love doing transcriptions. Do you have a digital camera that you rarely use, or a seldom-used sports bike catching dust in your garage?

Did you know they can still make you some serious cash? Yup, just about anything — that works.

Earn Money Online with PTCShare

There are several online marketplaces like Sailo if you have a sailboat you would like to rent out and KitSplit for that digicam you no longer use , which can help you rent out your stuff and make some money in the bargain. Most people love pets — but they also have to work hard to make a living.

So where does that leave their pets when they have to go to work? This is where you come in.

If you have a fairly large house, you can start a pet sitting service which means you look after the pets when their owners leave for work or have some other engagement to take care off. You could begin by gathering some intel on the local pet care companies in your area to see what they offer and take it from there. Dog walking is another service you could include in your portfolio to make even more money. Some of the best website to check out to make money from home pet sitting are Rover , Wag , and Dog Vacay.

There are ways to earn money by simply investing the spare change lying around your home from one of your frequent shopping trips or your visit to the nearest grocery store. For example, an app called Acorns enables you to do just that — invest that loose change just lying around. Stockpile is another popular micro-investment site that offers a similar service.

Ok, a word of caution here. You have to be great with kids if you want to go ahead with this one. Many parents find daycare costs prohibitively expensive — and with good reason. You could offer them a much cheaper alternative — by agreeing to look after a couple of kids at your place, for a small fee of course. If you have kids of your own — even better. They can keep each other occupied and entertained even as you tend to your chores while keeping a cursory eye out for them. Do you fancy your photography skills and want to make money from it?

Well, you can courtesy this new app called Foap. First, you need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up for an account. Each time someone buys your content — you get half the cash. Sweet deal, right? The only catch? The decluttering process is a simple one that get's broken down here. There are few things more satisfying than purging , and the stuff you probably need to purge most are your clothes.

Haven't worn something in a year? Sell it on eBay, Poshmark, Grailed, or one of the other many services for selling used clothing. You might as well get some cash to buy something new. And if selling doesn't make sense for any particular item, then donate!


Someone else could use it. Sometimes we take our photos ourselves, sometimes we get them from news-wire services like Reuters and Getty, and sometimes we get them from stock image services, like Shutterstock and iStock.

17 easiest ways to make money online - House of Banks

If you're a photography hobbyist, it's a relatively simple way to make some money from your photographs. If you can invest in a real estate venture, you can make a lot of rental money.

Of course, there are a lot of obstacles to hurdle. Most importantly, you need a lot of capital to invest in the first place. And secondly, you need to make sure the place you're investing in will have a steady stream of rent-paying tenants. If you invest in a venture with a full-time property manager, the job becomes much more passive. Renting out real estate is a considerably more simple and stable way to get extra cash flow every month with relatively little effort compared to other investment opportunities.

If there's a function you want on your smartphone, try making an app for it. With sites like Code Academy , learning to code is easier than ever. If your app is good and people like it, you can easily make money in two ways. Or you can sell ads on it, as you would on a website. All you have to do is take surveys to give your feedback, and they'll pay you. Taking mindless surveys is a time-honored way of making money from the web.

InstaGC , Earnhoney , and Prizehoney are all reputable sites to do it. You should note, though, that they all have some minimum amount of money you need to get before you can cash out. Similarly, Swagbucks will pay you for installing an add-on that tracks your searches. Like Inboxdollars, they're a middleman for research firms that want to understand how people use the web. You earn points for doing everyday things, and can redeem them for gift cards at stores you'd probably shop at anyway, like Amazon and Walmart.

Beauty brands go through a battery of tests before they get to market, so that each product can moisturize as well as possible, get to the right consistency, and achieve whatever other quality is necessary. The L'Oreal consumer testing program , for example, will send you stuff to try on — and then pay you for it. If the price dropped on something you recently bought , you can use Earny to get the difference back.

The bot scans your inbox and takes advantage of price protection policies you may not even know about.

How to Make Money Online as a Teenager in 2019 (FREE & FAST!)

And many credit card also offer similar price protection features. Instead of earning money in a relatively passive way, dScout is an app where you can sign up for "missions. Companies that want to get consumer research will offer elaborate "missions" that you can sign up for on the app. They might involve going to a supermarket and checking the availability of granola bars, or testing out a device. While completing the mission, you need to answer survey questions, and they'll pay you for it.

I Need Money Now: 21 Legit Ways to Get Money Today

It's not always easy to get accepted to a mission, but if you do, you can stand to make much more money than with Inboxdollars or Swagbucks. If you can find the right opportunity , house sitting is easy money. You literally just sit in someone's house and do what you'd normally do, except you get more money for it. Or do the opposite. If you're travelling for an extended period of time and Airbnb doesn't make send for you, sublet your home and rake in some cash while you aren't even there.

Jacob Shamsian. Get cash back on credit cards. Invest in index funds. Refer people to apps.

19 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

Become a referral source for local businesses. Write a book and get royalties. Cut out the middleman with self publishing. Create an online course and get paid for it. Lots of people set up a Twitter account and wait for the world to come to them. Example email:. I might be able to help. Imagine doing a great video on using virtual assistants, then distributing it through your newsletter.